Your Passion Can Be Your Life

Originally posted to Facebook in Voiceover Camp
by Dan Harcourt
December 3, 2017

I’ve learned a lot over the past few months among the VO community. Especially here in VO Camp and while training with Terry, Tawny, and Rob.
Something that’s always hinted at, but not really brought to the table is the struggle that becoming a Voice Over Artist really entails. A passion is never easy to pursue, especially if you don’t know where the object of that passion is going to bring you. It takes guts to not only pursue that passion as a career, but it takes an uncomfortable initiative and real guts to take those first few required steps into the unknown.
It’s really not as scary or unknown as you think. You’ve already done similar in your past, whether it’s changing your major in college, buying a house, proposing to your significant other, saying yes to a proposal, starting a business, or making the decision (or not) to have kids. All of these things take the same initiative and guts. All of these things also require a passion or hopefulness in order to change your life toward the unknown outcome.
The road to becoming a Voice Artist is not an easy one. Look back upon your life, has it all been easy? Your life history is going to become a big part of who you are as a Voiceover Talent. Everything I’ve done in the past, and everything I’m doing now is influencing who I am going to become in my VO career. From marketing, bookkeeping, work ethic, and the knowledge that I’ve accumulated over my lifetime. Even the jobs I’ve performed are impacting my delivery, the work I look for, and the way I organize my time.
My foodservice background provides me insight to the client services and communication skills as well as a bit of sales. My retail management background has given me the ability to organize and communicate the products that I provide. My construction/Handyman background has already assisted me in designing and building a custom whisper room for pennies on the dollar of a professional booth. The Bar Ownership background has already shown me that if I want a business to be successful, I’m going to have to put in excessive time and energy to ensure that it happens (especially in the beginning). I have had many other types of jobs that I know will assist me in pursuing this career. I have a strong belief that I will succeed, as my proven motto for everything I have done is “I do what I do, and I do it well.”
These are just my thoughts and the way I am approaching my pending and growing VO career, I am thankful for all of the advice and training that my coaches have provided, and I will continue to learn and grow as a Voice Talent.
Your Passion can be your life. I’m trying to make it mine. I don’t care if you want to be a voice artist, photographer, tattoo artist, or journalist; If you are passionate about it, your life is already leading you there, pursue it. Do the research, take the required steps and training, and make it your own. It’s not too late, and it’s not too hard, you’ve already lived your life, make your passion your life.

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