The World Around You

Remember when you were a child and everything seemed so new, fresh, and wondrous? You don’t have to lose that. Take a moment in this fast paced world to stop and look around, the world is still new, fresh and wondrous. Something new is happening in your life every day, seeing it requires you to slow down. The miracles in this world are constant, ever changing and always there. I was talking with someone about what I see when I look around, and they told me that this view of the world around me has brought them a new joy as well. I decided I’d share this view with you all today.

I have had an interesting life. Full of highs, lows, and everything in between. Growing up I’ve lived all over the country, visited and lived on 4 other continents. I’ve also worked in multiple fields of business including Customer Service, Sales, and Physical Labor. The world and my life seemed like it was just work, sleep, and food. I still work over 75 hours a week, and started sensing that my joy of life was fading.

I lost was the wonder in the viewing of this beautiful world. I live away from the cities where the air is clean and the grass is green. Farms and Ranches dot the landscape, animals freely move about the land, the wind blowing through the trees is unobstructed by buildings. I watched the sunrise while sitting on my porch, alone, and the world around me seemed a new place. Explaining what happened in my mind isn’t easy, I looked around and saw things that I had forgotten was there. The dew on the grass, the leaves on the oak in the front yard, a spiderweb in the corner. I saw the the life and wonder of the world around me and it became as fresh as it was when I was a child.

I now take a few moments every day to look around and take in the wonder of everything around me. You’d be surprised how much easier it is for me to go to work, get rest, wake early, and even deal with my own demons.

Take a moment to notice the beauty around you, you may be surprised that you find a new joy in your life.

Thank You for Reading,
Dan Harcourt

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