Striving for Greatness

You have probably read by now that one of my favorite phrases is “I do what I do, and I do it well” These are words that I live by and strive to achieve.

Nothing is ever easy, if it is, you aren’t doing it right. Greatness requires a lot of practice, a lot of patience, and pushing yourself to excel. Take pride in your work, even if nobody else sees the potential.

Vincent Van Gogh, you know that name, is a great example of someone that pursued his passion even though nobody around him thought he would amount to anything, they didn’t want his paintings, they didn’t want him around, they thought he was just some two-bit hack.  He didn’t give up his painting.  He is known today as one of the greatest painters of all time.

My suggestion… surround yourself with people that make you want to be better, people that push you to be your best, and people that have the ability to criticize your work with an “objective eye” or in the case of Voice-Over “objective ear”.

Everyone has the ability to do anything, you are not entitled to do it, you have to work for it. For photography, It doesn’t matter how good your eye is, you need the training. In sports, you can be the most athletic person in the world, but you can’t just walk out onto the football field and play with the big boys, you need years of coaching and training. In VoiceOver, you could have the voice of an angel, but without proper delivery and training, you may as well be barking like a dog into the microphone.

Always be training, every day you should learn something new, never stop growing, always be ready, everything is subjective so be humble enough to take criticism, Be Proud of Who you are and have faith in the work you do, Rejection is always going to be a part of life, business, and art.

Life and pursuing your dreams go hand in hand when it comes to achieving what you desire.  As I mentioned above, Rejection is common, but don’t let it bury you.  Set your desired goals:
Are my goals realistic?   Possibly
What will it take to achieve my goals?  A lot of little steps
How far can I reasonably pursue my desires?  As far as my dreams and persistence can take me.
Can I be the best at what I do?  Probably not, but I can be the greatest “me” I can be
Do I need training to achieve those goals?  YES, without question
Is there someone out there that can help me achieve my goals? Always, but it will take some effort on my part to find them.
What else do I need to do?  Research, maybe there is help for me that I would’ve never thought to use.

Thank you for listening
Dan Harcourt

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