Practice Makes Perfect —

Disclaimer:: None of the following compares with the skills you would gain from professional coaching.

We all know that practice doesn’t necessarily make you perfect, but it does help you to improve.
Practicing in the comfort of your own home whether reading the newspaper out loud, getting in your studio and just recording some random pages from a book or magazine, or participating in a workout group improves your abilities as a Voice Artist.
I am going to give you a slight insight as to what a workout group offers me.

Live Workout Groups
I recently went to a local workout group, and realized that people interaction in the VO world is pretty much limited to the occasional phone call and directed session.
I met some local talents, heard a bit of their experiences, and we sat around and read different scripts for our peers to review and direct.  It was a great time for everyone involved, and the feedback was amazing.  I recommend that any voice talent should find a group near them, get out of your little closet and meet some people face to face,

On-Line Workout Groups
There are several online workout groups that are available throughout the week, just do some searching through Facebook, your favorite search engine, and twitter.  Finding the one that’s right for you won’t be that hard.  The good ones are the ones that challenge you, are very candid in their feedback; not necessarily what you want to hear, but what you need to hear; and continually help you to grow as a talent.
I have been an active participant of this particular on-line workout group (linked image attached) since before I decided to take the next step and get professional coaching.  This group has assisted me hone the skills that make a successful voice talent.  Without the feedback from the peers in this group, my self-direction skills, my weaknesses and my strengths would be far less than I know them to be.  I am constantly growing and evolving thanks, in part, to this fantastic group of people.

This is just one of the ways to continue growing as a VO, supplementing, not replacing, professional coaching and real experience.

Thank you for reading.
Dan Harcourt

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