New for the New Year

It’s 2019 and things in my life are going to change.  I stopped making New Year’s Resolutions years ago, Who keeps them anyways?  I instead make plans and changes in my life that are realistic and attainable.  I began calling these subtle changes “New for the New Year.”  This Year started with a LARGE change, on the 1st of January I packed up my equipment and important objects and moved to the rural town of Fort Stockton, Texas.  This change prompted other, long awaited changes including committing myself to become a Full-Time VoiceOver Talent.  Luckily, I have the support of my family in this venture.

The closets in my new residence are too small for a viable recording space, so  I set up a small corner in my bedroom while I go through the labor of building a more permanent recording space.

I am always willing to learn, improve, and build on my knowledge and experience.
I do what I do and I do it well

Thank you for Listening,
Dan Harcourt

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